Affordable plastic Apple Watch SE

Apple Set to Launch Affordable Plastic Apple Watch SE

Apple is poised to introduce an affordable plastic Apple Watch SE, crafted from rigid plastic to reduce manufacturing costs while maintaining the same design and internals. According to Mark Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter, Apple is testing new materials for the SE, including this cost-effective rigid plastic.

The switch from a nylon composite to hard plastic makes the Apple Watch SE cheaper to produce. Despite the material change, the design remains consistent, ensuring users enjoy the same Apple experience at a lower price point. This move could potentially reduce the retail price, aligning the SE with Samsung’s budget-friendly Galaxy smartwatches.

While the impact of using hard plastic on Apple’s environmental goals is yet to be determined, the speculation is that the new SE variant could be priced around $200. Whether Apple opts to lower the price or increase its profit margins, this strategy aims to expand the SE’s market appeal among budget-conscious consumers.

Would you prefer Apple to pass on the cost savings to consumers or increase its profit margins? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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